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Sushi workshop:
Master the fine art of making sushi at our Sushi Workshop! Whether you are opting for vegetarian, vegan or regular, our sushi-master will run you through how to make a variety of different types of sushi.

Pasta Workshop:
We are bringing the traditional taste of Italy to London with our hugely popular Pasta Workshop! Once you’ve tried our deliciously moreish, homemade ravioli or orecchiette, you won’t be buying the packeted stuff again – trust us!

Knife Skills Class:
Want to improve your Knife Skills and make your time in your kitchen more enjoyable and your prep a lot quicker? Join our hands-on Knife Skills Class and learn how to sharpen, hold and use the most commonly used kitchen knives.

Sushi workshop:
Informative and upbeat demonstration
Hands-on sushi making for fish eater, vegetarians and vegans alike!
All facilities, equipment and ingredients included
A brief on the origins of sushi
BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze) with no corkage fee
Pasta Workshop:
A fun 2-hour workshop, whether booking alone, as a pair or in a group
Great pasta making demonstration
Hands-on pasta making
Only the best Clarence Court Burford Brown Eggs
Recipe card emailed to you after the class
Knife Skills Class:
A fun 3-hour class, whether booking alone, as a pair or in a group
This is a technical class and the processes will be demonstrated in depth
Bottomless wine
All equipment, knives and food provided
Informative knife skills demonstration
Hands-on knife skills practice
Useful tips and tricks of the trade
Delicious food to enjoy at the end of the class
Recipe booklets emailed to you after the class
Une information important
Please note

Once booked this tour is non-refundable.


The Avenue Cookery School, 3 Enterprise Way, London, SW18 1FZ

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Sushi workshop:

Our fun and hands-on Sushi Workshop will teach you how to make your own mouth-watering rolls without the eye-watering price tag. It’s time to impress your friends and family with your very own authentically home-made Japanese sushi at home. Be it a bunch of mates, Mum or Dad or just your other half for that all important #DateNight with a twist, come and enjoy Sushi night in style. Our experienced chefs will welcome you into our friendly family-run kitchen for this brilliantly unique night of relaxed culinary mastery. The class will kick-off with a detailed demonstration where we will teach you the essentials of making sushi, from cooking the sushi rice, prepping the fillings, to mastering those important sushi knife skills and finally, constructing the sushi. Be it the vegan, vegetarian or regular menu, you will then get to try your own hand at making some, with the chefs on-hand to help if you need and then, after an enjoyable night spent mastering sushi, you will sit down with old and new friends alike to enjoy your delectable creations together!

Pasta Workshop:

Learn how to make your very own delicious handmade pasta in our hands-on Pasta Workshop. From the moment you arrive, you will be gripped by just how much fun and how delicious making homemade pasta is. To kick things off, our head chef will run you through all the techniques you need to get you mixing, kneading, rolling, shaping and filling your very own pasta parcels like a pro! Having been shown the process of nailing the perfect pasta, you will get to it and will create your very own from scratch! As the perfect reward, after all the kneading and creating the perfect pasta, you will get to sit down and enjoy your delicious pasta creations together surrounded by music, friends and plenty of chatter – and for those that want, more drinks, as it is BYOB after all!

Knife Skills Class:

If you’ve always wanted to improve your knife skills in the kitchen, then come along to our hands-on Knife Skills Class. This class is top of the range and will teach you everything you need to know about those all-important knives and how to properly use and look after them like a top chef. After a warm welcome and a glass of wine, the class will start with an informative yet fun demonstration. Our head chef, and knife pro, will teach you how to slice, peel, chop, purée, julienne, chiffonade, concasse and segment – skills that will set you up for preparing* the evening’s carefully chosen 3-courses and more. After the demonstration, you will get to bring out the knives and put your newfound knife knowledge to practice. The menu has specifically been chosen as the dishes require a wide range of different knife techniques that you will get to do, but don’t panic, our friendly chefs will be there to guide you in the right direction as well as recap over anything you may feel unsure about. By the end of the class not only will you know how to use the essential kitchen knives but you will also be equipped with the skills to practise at home and perfect not just the technique but the finished product, making your food not just taste but look fantastic too! *In order for you to focus on the class at hand and the skills you have come to learn – knife skills – the dishes will be prepared by you but cooked and served by the chefs. We really want you to get the most out of learning and practising knife skills in order for you to leave confident to practise at home so with time, the guidance of the chefs, and home practise, you will be a Jamie Oliver – or should we say Richard Horsford in no time! Once the knives have chopped and the chefs have cheffed, you will get to sit down, admire and eat your beautiful handy work!

The Avenue Cookery School
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