The Natural History Museum Walking Tour

Established in 1881, the Natural History Museum contains more than 80 million objects, spanning more than 4 billion years of natural history. Step through time, witnessing the evolution of dinosaurs, birds and our mammal relatives, and the geological and climate changes that guided the development of life on earth. Witness meteorites from the dawn of time and the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex and get to know the legendary scientists who shaped our knowledge of the distant past, such as Charles Darwin and Mary Anning.

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Days of operation: Daily except 25th and 26th Dec Departure time: 11am Meeting point: Main Entrance doors at the top of the sloping ramp on Cromwell Road, South Kensington, SW7 5BD, London


Natural History Museum, 1 Cromwell Gardens, South Kensington, SW7 5BD, London

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This tour is wheelchair accessible.

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Welcome to the Natural History Museum in London. As we begin our tour, we pass through Bag Check and the Contactless Donations queue, where an impressive giraffe skeleton stands tall next to a taxidermy giraffe, setting the tone for the incredible collection within.

Entering the grand hall, adorned with terracotta arches and columns, we notice playful terracotta monkeys scaling the walls, a nod to Sir Richard Owen’s rivalry with Charles Darwin.

Our first stop is the Dinosaur Gallery, featuring prehistoric skeletons, including the iconic Diplodocus. Next, we enter the Mammals Gallery, displaying a diverse array of taxidermy specimens and skeletons, from African elephants to cheetahs.

In the Marine Life section, a breathtaking blue whale skeleton is suspended from the ceiling, highlighting ocean biodiversity. The Human Evolution Gallery showcases life-sized models and fossilized remains, providing insight into our ancestors' evolutionary journey. Finally, we explore the Earth Sciences Gallery, filled with geological wonders like gemstones and volcanic rocks. Our tour concludes at the museum's café and gift shop, where you can relax and pick up a souvenir. As we leave, we admire the museum's stunning architecture and intricate wall carvings, reflecting the legacy of both extinct and living species.

The Natural History Museum Walking Tour
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