Rock and Roll London Walking Tour
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Love Classic Rock? Want to see the places that helped shape rock music? Come along and join our Rock n Roll London Walking Tour. Many of the greatest rock ‘n’ roll legends of all time have lived, performed and died in London. As the beating heart of Britain’s music industry, musicians and singer-songwriters flocked to our capital to make their name. From Rock to Blues, Pop to Punk, some of the biggest names in music have left their mark on this city. So join us to remember some of the greatest moments in popular music as we explore Rock ‘n’ Roll landmarks at the historic heart of the British music industry in Soho.

2 hour walking tour of London’s Soho
Knowledgeable, approachable & fun tourist guide
Food & drink
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Consider layers of clothing
Comfortable shoes for a leisurely walking tour

Good To Know

The tour does not go into any of the buildings/ venues.
English language tour


Starting Location: Exit 3 of Tottenham Court Road Station (at street level)
End Location: Oxford Circus
Duration: 2 Hours

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No Rock n Roll London Walking Tour would be complete without visiting Soho. This alternative and quirky corner of London has been home to the British entertainment industry for decades. Over the years it has hosted some of the most iconic recording studios, gig venues, pub hangouts, theatres, music instrument shops and more.

The tour will start off at Tin Pan Alley this street was once the hub of Britain’s music industry. Elton John, David Bowie, the Kinks, Rolling Stones, Sex Pistols and many, many more each have a story to tell about this street. For decades this was home, in some cases literally, to London’s music scene.

Naturally, the tour will take you to the venues where many Rock-Gods first cut their teeth and developed their sound. These clubs include the former Marquee Club, often dubbed the most important venue in the history of modern pop music. You’ll also pass by the world-famous Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, a Mecca for jazz musicians. The club’s founder, Ronnie Scott was awarded an OBE for ‘services to jazz’ and this buzzing venue is still the place to go to see rising stars in the music industry.

During the tour, you’ll find out that show business isn’t always glamorous. As Led Zeppelin found out at their first rehearsal in a hot, cramped basement rammed with amplifiers. You’ll also be shown where Mick Jagger and John Lennon spent some time behind bars.

Many locals will walk past unassuming little doors, hidden down alleys, and squeezed in between shops, unaware that some of the greatest records of all time were recorded in the studios within. Fortunately, your trusty guide will be sure to point them out to you.

“Soho has always encapsulated Rock ’n’ Roll so Carnaby Street was the perfect spot for our own store.” If Carnaby Street is good enough for the Rolling Stones, then it’s good enough for us to visit on our tour. From the Swinging 60s to the New Romantics, Carnaby Street has attracted the Carnabetian Army.

Throughout the Rock n Roll London Walking Tour, you’ll be entranced by anecdotes about some of the biggest names in music including the Who, Jimi Hendrix, Queen, T-Rex, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Tina Turner, the Smiths, and more …

Rock and Roll London Walking Tour
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